We would like to introduce our brand new list view. We've included a few brand new options.

A brand new look

We've given our list view a brand new and fresh look. To give it a more refreshed and professional look.

The basics
After we'd received a bunch of feedback, we tried to implement as many wishes into the new list view as possible. For example, from now on you can see the installation date and reference number.

New functionalities
We've also implemented a few new functionalities to the list view. Let's get started with which columns you'd like to see:

From now on you'll be able to change which columns are relevant to the container you're currently working in. You can change this by clicking on the button showed in the image above.

Current status

From now on you'll be able to look at the status updates. You can look into the updates by clicking on the "i".

This is what the status overview looks like.

The new list view will be able to filter on previously enabled filters. For example, if you'd enabled "Action date (newest first)", the list view will show your leads based on your previously enabled filter.
You can also filter each column both ascending and descending.

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